Kevin Hart Stakes Big In The Bahamas

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Well, we’re just just two weeks into 2017 and already Kevin Hart has played and lost big in the inaugural PokerStars Championships Bahamas. Kevin kicked off a reported loss of more than $ 300,000 at the tournament with not one but two buy-ins for the $ 100,000 Super High Roller, the first major event of the Championships. Facing off against some of the best professionals on the circuit, and reunited with his Central Intelligence co-star Aaron Paul, he held his own until the last levels of the opening night when he had to shell out another $ 100k to buy back in before folding again partway through day 2 of the event. Vowing to buy back in up to 22 times, his enthusiasm for high stakes poker didn’t end there and he proceeded to buy-in $ 5000 for the no-limit hold-em main event, and spent an additional $ 100k on two buy-ins at the single-day high-roller event. Breaking Bad star Paul fared slightly better at the championships, knocking out 3-time World Poker Tour main event champion Chino Reem during Day 1B. The star remained in high spirits throughout his time at the Championships, his first public appearance at such a prestigious event. After his second buy-in at the end of play on Day 1 he told PokerNews: ‘I’m happy with making it that far, I had a good time but I was card dead all day…The fact that I’m in Day 2, I’m happy about it. I’m OK…Just being able to compete, being among them and being here all day, I take that as a pat on the back for myself’ This may not have been the most auspicious start to the year for Kevin but his losses probably haven’t caused too big a dent in his wallet. As we reported on the weekend, he is presenting a Black History Month special for the Discovery Channel (date and time tba), has recently taken over as the face (and beard) for Nike’s Apple Watch commercial, and is heading up the cast in the Jumanji remake due out later this year. He has recently been crowned Forbes ‘Cash King of Comedy’ (beating comedy powerhouse Jerry Seinfeld) and came in at #6 on the magazine’s official list of the World’s Highest Paid Celebrities 2016 with earnings reported to be in excess of $ 87 million:
‘Kevin Hart–the first comedian to ever make more than Jerry Seinfeld–has changed the economy of the funny business by touring like a rockstar. Unlike most comedians, Hart plays stadiums and arenas–over 100 in the past year–and manages to fill them up, grossing an average of over $ 1 million at each stop.’

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